A podcast about design from your friends Joe Alterio & Brian Fling. In each episode, we candidly discuss life as a designer and the challenges of being creative in an increasingly technical world.

What is Good Design? What is Good Design?
Nov 11, 2019

What is Good Design?

What is good design? If something is "ugly" but solves a problem, is that good design? How much of good design is just designer intuition or craft?

In this episode Joe and Brian will discuss Art versus Design, the Bauhaus movement, striking a good balance of form versus function. And provide some pro-tips, like how to measure good design, the importance of getting out of the studio to find inspiration, and more tactics to help designers know good design when they see it.

Imposter Syndrome Imposter Syndrome
Nov 04, 2019

Imposter Syndrome

In this episode Joe & Brian try to unpack why designers commonly suffer from Imposter Syndrome – "a pervasive feeling of self-doubt, insecurity, or fraudulence despite often overwhelming evidence to the contrary."

What is it? Why is it common among creatives? And what can we do to help our fellow designers who may be feeling like imposters?

What is IA, UX, and UI? What is IA, UX, and UI?
Oct 16, 2019

What is IA, UX, and UI?

In this episode Joe & Brian dive deep into the world of design jargon, explaining what terms like IA, UX or UI mean, where they come from, how are they different and in the end do they really matter?

The Design Interview The Design Interview
Oct 16, 2019

The Design Interview

Designers Brian & Joe talk about the dreaded design interview – a required step for designers to just get in the door. They dive into what is it, what to look for in designers, why most companies get it wrong (possibly even pointing to bigger issues internally) and why should never do free work to get a gig.

Along the way they explain into two big fundamental principles of design, and how designers and non-designers can better talk to one another.

Make the Web Weird Again Make the Web Weird Again
Oct 16, 2019

Make the Web Weird Again

In this episode Joe & Brian plea to Make the Web Weird Again. Jumping into the wayback machine, the web once felt like a massive canvas for creativity that allowed designers the freedom for expression and that led to lots of cool weird things.

These days, the web maybe feels a little bit less weird and that makes us sad. Are today's designers stuck within the rails of social platforms like Dribbble and Instagram? Or did Joe & Brian just get old? We'll discuss.

Failure Failure
Oct 16, 2019


In this episode Joe & Brian discuss Failure – an all too common emotion felt by all designers.

We talk about why designers are so emotionally tied to their work, how hard it can feel when you are rejected or your work doesn't resonate. Why we don't often give enough credit for our successes. And we discuss both the positives and the negatives of failure. Plus some strategies for dealing with failure when it inevitably happens.

Design Thinking Design Thinking
Aug 30, 2019

Design Thinking

Our very first episode! Meet designer Joe Alterio and designer Brian Fling, hear about their backgrounds as designers and how they became friends.

Why do a podcast about design now? For the main episode topic, they dive into their differing views on Design Thinking. What is it? Does it work? Does it actually benefit designers, or is it a system of control for creative thought?